Friday, November 18, 2011

Fulfillment of the Trinity

This week has been a very rough week for me. I have experienced a few things this past week that I thought I would never witness in my entire life. I was proved just how disgraceful our society is these days. When Satan caught hold on me and put me on the wrong path it seemed as if no one really cared. The majority of the people didn't have a problem with me nor my actions that I was making. I, however, thought I was also keeping peace to myself. Everything stayed more calm than I thought it ever would. After God fought his battle with Satan over me and won he allowed me to realize that I was on the wrong path and that I, myself, knew that I was also. God put me on the right tracks and led me a very long way and helped me strengthen my faith in him. I was proven that without the trinity you can not make it very far in the Christian faith. Now that I am living in the presence of the Lord everyone is starting to realize what I was doing was only because they now understand that I am stuck to God and they are jealous they can't have a relationship like I have. They are wrong. They can! Until now, no one ever spoke up about my past life. It was as if I never even existed in the past. I was never even seen, but yet I thought I was the happiest person alive. It does not make sense to me how you do the wrong thing in life and it's never mentioned. Then, when you finally turn yourself completely around and begin to answer to the Lord everyone notices everything and they always have something immature or offensive to say. The more I think about this the harder it is for me to type because it irritates me and it causes me to tangle my words and everything gets all jumbled up. It is hard for many people to understand that God wants us all to be happy while we are here on Earth. There are many things in the bible that God allows you to do and make it okay but everyone wants to take those things and push them further and further until it creates sin and then you do not ask for forgiveness. It seems to society as if it is the hardest thing to do when actually it is the easiest. You are lonely. You have no friends. You have no one to talk to. You are upset. You are depressed. God is there to help with every single one of those things. Believe in him. Find God and make him your best friend. He will be the best friend you could ever ask for. I made him my best friend. We go every where together and we talk all the time. I even get to talk to him in school when the teacher tells me to be quiet during class! Come on! He can be anything you want him to be. All you have to do is let him. Thank you for reading this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. I had a great time thinking on this one. I want you all to find a new friend by the next time I make a post! Have a good night and God Bless,

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