Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keeping Our Perspective

I am going to make tonight a short night because it has been an extremly long and tiresome day. I did have a good day at school. I was tired but I did keep my feet on my toes and pull out everything I could today. I know this is competely random but I just have to tell you that today I got my hair cut for the first time in 3 weeks because I have ben too lazy to go get it cut and it feels so much better. I feel like I can breathe. Anyways, haha... Okay seriously, (cleared my throat)... My focus point I want to get to tonight is "God's Perspective." I went to a meeting for two hours tonight at Birkeley Bob's on drawing closer to God and I want to better express some ideas of what I learned tonight at this Catholic Study. You see, we see everything in a "close up" perspective and that is not how we need to see things in Life. We need to see everything through God's perspective. We watched a video that showed a quick image that was really close up in our face and we had to try and guess what it was. I guessed eyeballs and a heart. Random I know. But it turned out to be a walnut oddly enough to say. But, yeah. Then we watched another video, except this time it was a movie trailer on a movie coming out soon and it was based on a true story. It was about this girl that was a surfer and one day she got one of her arms bitten off by a shark. "In a meaningful way" this girl wanted everyone to evolve around her because she only had one arm and she couldn't do anything on her own and she felt pointless. You see, that is showing an example of how we see things in perspective. We always try to find the bad in stuff. We never look for the good more less even TRY to look for the good things in life. The girl eventually realized that she could do something with what she had, thinking this whole time that she couldn't, she got back out on the surf board and took a major risk. Surfing with one arm. She knew (and we also know) that God is there for us always, no matter what we are going through. She was wanting everyone to feel sorry for her but God had something else in store. See, God's perspective is always looking at the good in things. There was a boy with one arm that was a soccer player and quit the soccer team because he did not have enough mental strength to play anymore. So this girl talked to him and motivated him to get back out there on the field. She told him that life is always throwing risks in yor face and you can not just turn away when they do. You have to fight them back and take stand for yourself. Because when God spoke to this girl her life lit up and she began to help other individuals with disabilities just like her. See we see the things in life that are not that important and we cry about them. You could almost say that we as humans are spoiled. We take life for granted everyday. We do not care to think about the starving kids in foreign countries, or do we think about how much money we spend on a car, or a house, keeping our money froze up in a bank account because we are too stingy to give it out to the needy. You see, Jesus gave up his LIFE so that we could live with sin and be forgiven. We do not think about how we were just lucky enough to be born in a wealthy family, or become owner of that family business that has been handed down for generations to make tons of money and not even go to college for your entire life. People need to wake up and realize that not everyone gets the same things as other people and wish for the rest of their lives that they could just have not even a quarter of what some of these families have. You people that have hit the jackpot just by being born into a good family need to be happy you were but that's it. You need to be blessed and pass it on to some of these people that are less fortunate . Donate to charities. Help out in the community. Get involved with a church group with sponsors such as food drives and such. You want to take everything you have and hold on to it, knowing deep in your heart that there is someone, a hungry man, a starving child, a homeless family, and even poor families that have tried their hardest ans simply cannot survive. It's these things we do not look at. It's not that we do not see them. It's that we DO NOT want to look. And it's because We. Are. Too. Stingy! When you complete your work on earth, everyone is going to heaven all the same way. You see, you think you are too good to sit, talk , look, think the same, or be in the same class, etc., to someone a diferent color, race, denomination or gender. You are wrong! God does not divide people up in Heaven. We are all family through Christ Jesus. So you think about it. We are all going to heaven the same way and you are going to regret not giving that litle piece of bread left over from supper to a little girl that has to find hers in a dumpster or on the ground, or even a child in general that does not and can not even find something as simple as bread to eat. They starve wishing to have the left overs we throw away, the money we blow on houses "more like mansions worth MILLIONS" and cars, and the electronics we use for entertainment just to have a roof over their heads, a meal on the table, or simply a bicycle for transportation. What perspective are you seeing? Are you seeing your perspective, or are you seeing God's perspective? Im working on seeing God's perspective. You tell me what you choose. Heaven or Hell? God Bless!

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  1. Jordan, you seem to have grown so much in just a few short days! Your perspective on life and the Catholic faith is truly amazing! Isn't is wonderful how you can hear a Holy Scripture all of your life and then sit down at one of the Bible Studies and see it in a whole new light? Are you planning on joining the Church?