Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Simple Life Can Be...

This past week I have dealt with a life changing experience. I ended an almost nine month relationship that I thought was going to last forever. On Thursday March 23, 2011 the Lord spoke to me. He told me there was something eating at me and bothering me really bad. There was. I was too scared to admitt it. My relationship had been tearing down these last few days and I knew something had to happen. The Lord told me I needed to listen to my heart as do as he says. I knew what it was going to be and I knew it was going to be tough. That following night before I went to bed I got out the Bible and started to read it. Before I opened it, I said Lord, allow me to open up the word of God so I can see what you are trying to tell me. He said "Just open it and read." I get my hands, open up the bible and begin to read. I was saying to myself, Lord, I am not finding anything in here that is helping me. I keep reading and it comes to me... I have to end this relationship. Immediately my adrenaline starts pumping and I begin to drown in my own nervuosly pouring sweat. I said, Okay. I am going to face my fears and do this and do it right. The following afternoon I am driving home from school and thinking to myself this is going to be it. The End. I get home and sit down at the computer and beging to type an e-mail. I explain all of the problems I have been facing, explainging all of the issues, and telling it straight forward of what needed to be fixed. I finish and click the send button. I get an e-mail back saying we can work this out and I didn't reazlie just how bad I was being and I know we can pull through this. Just give me one more chance. When I see that part saying just give me one more chance, I sit there and think to myself... How many more "just one more chance's" am I going to let slip before I actually realize that the last time is going to be the last time no questins asked. No if, and's nor buts about it. We come to agreement finally that this is what we need to do and it is going to benefit in good ways for the both of us. So I send a text and say we are done, there is no getting back together, and that's just the way it is. I was heartbroken and miserable but I knew God put that in my heart to do that for a reason and I have yet to completely discover that reason but I have faith that it's there somewhere and I am not giving up because the Almighty God can work in mysterious ways. I send my final text and trun off my cell phone, shut off the computer, and lay in bed to call it a night. I laid there in bed thinking to myself, is this the right thing to do? God said "Yes, it is and you will not be alone since you have just chosen the path in which I gave the light for you to follow."


  1. Jordan, This blog was awesome. It reminds me of what I have been going through and you know what i;m talking about. You chose the right path and being that the path is following God makes it that much more awesome. I am so proud of you. God will never let you down and he will never judge you. I wanna share with you my favorite scripture from the bible that i read every single day and it hels me get through the day. " Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3: 5-6 This scripture makes so much sense to me. I hope you get as much out of it as I do. I know that you have been through alot here lately and I wish I could take all the pain and hurt away. I really do!!! But I have learned that the only person that can take the pain away and replace it with happiness is our Precious Lord and Savior.. I have always believed in God but never really got into his word and took it in like I have done in the past few months. He is AWESOME!! I hope we both continue to grow in the Lord and choose the right paths. I am going to dedicate a song to you that was dedicated to me i want you to listen to the words and take it in. The song is called " The Words I Would Say " It's on you tube play the one that has the lyricds with it... Its my song to you...Jordan, I am here for you no matter what and I hope you know that. Thigns are gonna get better now. You have chosen the right and the best path that you could ever choose in your life. Just dont be curious and wonder off from it. I love you with all my heart Bubba... Make wise decisions James 1:5 Love, Savannah

  2. I wanna say that....I'll always be here for you Jordan, And I mean that if you need me I am sure you are choosing the right path, If you set your mind to something there is nothing in this world you cannot do. Sincerely, Chris.