Monday, March 28, 2011

Awake Every Morning To the Gift the Lord Has To Offer...

Okay. So I just got home. I had a pretty good day today. It wasn't the best but I made the best of it. I started out at school with a pretty basic day at school. I got to Geometry and we were handed our test scores for the AHSGE (Alabama High School Graduation Exam) and las year I passed all of the except for the Social Studies portion. I was handed my paper with my score and I failed it once again, but only by 21 points. It was way much better than last year so I am upset that I didn't pass it, but I am also that I did better than last year. So I pray to God that this summer when I get an early attempt that I can study hard enough that I can pass it. Remember, through Christ all things are possibe. I got that out of the way and said all I can do is do better next time. I came home and called a lady at the local college here so I could get started on my Financial Aid. It's never too early to get started on something like that. I have a meeting next week to further discuss my personal needs. After I got off the phone with her I blogged for a little bit then headed off to the Skating Rink for a Private Party. I had a blast. I never go skating except for this event once a year, but I truly had a good time. I actually realized that you do not have to be with anyone specific to have a good time in the world. Yes, someone can make it better, but it is also possible to congregate with no one specific. The one thing that has stuck through my head all day was that I can be alone. What I believe ruined my relationship is that I am too self-independent. I do not need anyone to tell me what to do or how to do it. It irritates me when I know just what I am doing and someone thinks they know it better than I do . Throughout this blessed day I have had I would every now and then take a deep breath under my lungs and say to myself "I am free. God. I am free. I can spread my wings and fly where I wish." I felt like I was too tied down and couldn't go any where or do anything. I am sorry if none of this seems to be in order, but I feel that the best way to express myself on a blog is to tell it as it comes off my heart. It better suits me and is more explainable. This is only my second official daily blog and so at that I am going to give you my introduction to my life. I am only going to make it simple and I'll break it down in sections as I continue to blog... I am Jordan Thompson from North Alabama and I am 17 years old in the 11th Grade and am loving every minute of it.One thing people can not figure out about me is I love going to school every day. Yes, I will wake up and go tired, sleepy, hyper, energetic, simply just happy to be there. Under that every day stuff there is always a smile on my face. When people look at the outside of me they can not seee just exactly the way I do feel sometimes. I am not very good at pubicly expressing my feelings, but it's there. I can't help it but that's just one effect I have on myself. I do not speak up in school although I should. I am not the loud decision maker, and I am not the loud class clown. I have more school spirit that a lot of kids at my school but it does not seem like it because I am a shy individual and im not going to change just to please someone else to make them feel better. Wen I am at school I look like the type of guy with no friends, no one to han out with, and basically boring. I know students and faculty see me like this. I feel though as I have too much self independence. It does not bother me because I do not care. It's because I do not like to be around people all the time but if I want to talk to someone I'll go talk to them. haha anyways, getting off track a bit there... I love to be alone and live life to it's full potential. The smallest things can make me laugh and I love it. Laughing is one of my favorite things to do. I'll even laugh at things that are not funny and not supposed to be funny. "Which I have been looked down on sometimes for laughing inapporiately" but I can't help it., I have been through too much stuff in my life to regret or take anything for granted. All I want to do is be happy and successful in life. I love to volunteer jobs rather than work them as to be considered a "job". I have here in the past wek tried to simplify my life and live for nothing but the Lord because he has really changed my life and is still working on me every minute of the day. He is the number one reason I wake up every morning and I can't let him down. I know I made this blog a little long tonight but I felt I needed to speak this off of my chest. i had no idea in my head what so ever that I was even going to get on this topic but I felt something tell me I needed to so maybe it will be helpful for you. Thank you so much for taking time to read this post. It means everything to me. And as always God Bless.

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  1. Jordan, how awesome that you are able to get things off of your chest and that you understand that we are never truly "alone". God is always with us - present in every aspect of our lives. I love following your blog - very interesting and it has shown me that I, too, should spend a little more time reading our Heavenly Father's words. Love it babe! Love you!