Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Is There To Say

Okay, so I typed this very long blog and ended up getting stuck on what I was writing. I had to sit here and think for about 15 minutes about the post and ended up deleting it. I realized there was nothing to write about. Right now in my life I am struggling very hard in SEVERAL places. So, tonight I am not even going to have a post. I said to myself, "You know what? There is nothing to write about right now. I know what needs to happen and I am going to do it. So until then I will not have a post." I do not feel like I am doing things to the best of my knowledge right now at this point in my life. I feel that the only time I should post is when I am doing the absolute best I can do and then inspire someone. If I can not inspire myself then how can I possibly inspire someone else? This may not have been what you were really expecting tonight but this is all I feel I should do. God Bless!

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